Adventure Tour for The Young and The Not So Young


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Cagayan de Oro is fast becoming the adventure capital of the Philippines or at best, your gateway to adventure. Summer 2016 has gone by and the onset of the rainy season is here, but the adventure becomes even more exciting when the rains pump water to the river bringing it to its optimal level. We are referring of course to the famous Whitewater Rafting that has made Cagayan de Oro synonymous with adventure. There are various rafting packages which you can check online such as and You can opt for the basic course consisting of 14 rapids or the more exciting advanced course where you navigate through 21 rapids. Recently, a group consisting mostly of senior citizen ladies braved the basic course, and they enjoyed the adrenaline rush immensely that they promised to bring their respective families (grandchildren included) for the 21 rapids challenge. Navigating the rapids of the Cagayan de Oro river provides non-stop excitement, but what exhilarates the rafters even more is the beauty of the surroundings where one gets to commune with nature.

Experience the panorama of Cagayan de Oro City when you go up to High Ridge, a hilltop restaurant that is only 5 km away from downtown area. The most ideal time to go up is around 5:00 PM where you get a panoramic view just before sunset, and wait until nighttime when the city lights begin to flicker. But if it rains in the afternoon or evening, you may opt to go during lunch when there are fewer visitors.

Your gateway to other adventures include going up to Dahilayan in Bukidnon where you can enjoy more exciting rides, but this time the setting is on the mountainside surrounded by breathtaking views of lush pine trees and the Mt. Kitanglad range. Visit the famous Dahilayan Adventure Park and the Dahilayan Forest Park

For travelers who are always on the go can do the “buzz” adventure tour. CDO-Dahilayan in 2 days and 1 night (or over the week-end), or opt for the 3-days, 2 nights where you can stay overnight in Dahilayan and in Cagayan de Oro. Travelers with more time to spare can do the CDO-Camiguin-Dahilayn-CDO loop tour in 5 days & 4 nights.

The rates of hotels, pension houses and tourist inns in Cagayan de Oro are one of the most competitive in the country. A decent accommodation with breakfast for two may cost you only P850.00 or less. Check out this downtown tourist inn http://localhost/casa-azucena/ which is conveniently located in the heart of the City.

For adventure tour packages, the will gladly assist you in putting together an exciting but pleasant adventure trip that will suit your time and budget. It’s always “More Fun in the Philippines.”



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