We’ve updated our website

    It has been quite some time since we updated this site. We’re currently doing a minor rebranding. The changes are subtle but the most noticeable change is the logo which now has a smoother look.

    Request a booking

    You can request a booking here by simply sending us a message! There are no booking charges,...read more

  • Fire Protection System Upgrade


    Hey everyone, we’re currently upgrading our fire protection system including our sprinklers. Upgrade will be done during daytime and afternoon. We apologise for the inconveniences and if you have concerns or issues with the ongoing upgrade let us know and we will deal the matter appropriately.

    Also, summer is here!

  • Commercial Space for Rent


    A commercial space is available for rent at Casa Azucena:

    Ground Floor, Door 1 ~26sq.m. area Php 15,000/month (does not include electricity)

    Rooms for short-term and long-term are also available. For more information, feel free to contact us +63 88 856 3402 or shoot a message here.


    Website Update


    Hey guys,

    We have updated our website. Although it looks pretty much the same we have streamlined the coding – basically making it better and faster plus fixing known bugs. If you find an issue or problem with the site let us know and we’ll fix asap. Have a great weekend.

    Casa Azucena Team

  • Road Construction at Casa Azucena


    Hey guys,

    The entrance road (compound) to Casa Azucena is undergoing construction to improve convenience and access. It will be partially inaccessible to vehicles for about a month and the area outside the venue will be dusty. So if you have health issues related to dust or if you will need assistance due to the situation let us know: feel free to contact us.

    ...read more
  • Internet Maintenance at Casa Azucena


    Hey everyone,

    We will be having an internet/WI-FI maintenance on the 25th of January 2016, there will be internet connectivity interruption but we will get it working on the same day ASAP. For queries or more info, feel free to contact us here on our website, give a call, or ask the Front Desk for more information.

    I.T. Adminread more

  • Contact Form Issue


    Hey guys,

    We are experiencing an issue with our Contact Us form: it basically doesn’t notify you if your message has been successfully sent or not. For now just fill out all the input including verification so that your message will be surely be sent to our email servers.

    We apologise for this and we are working on a...read more

  • Be a part of us!


    Let’s have fun and be part of this mouthwatering event. It is a  yearly competition of young talents, students and skilled professionals, it is known as KUMBIRA.

    KUMBIRA means “feast” or “ salo-salo” ….it’s nothing else but FOOD!



    We do not remember days; we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

    In...read more

  • Job Opening


    Status: CLOSED

    We are currently (and urgently) looking for a Maintenance Staff. Feel free to submit your CV or resume on our Facebook profile account/page: CLICK HERE. Or send us a message through our contact page here and you’ll receive an email request to submit your documents.  You may also directly submit your CV or...read more